The new school year has already started in some states, and students will return to classrooms over the next few weeks in other states. As the new year kicks off, there are a few assessment trends educators will want to track.

Some assessment trends might include new perspectives on what it means to gauge student learning, rethinking the value of traditional tests and turning instead to innovative methods. Others will focus on equity and student disengagement. Related content: What you should know before moving ahead with online assessments. A paradigm shift in assessment, moving beyond measuring learning to fostering it.

Education leaders and policymakers alike will begin to look for more effective approaches that eliminate the barrier between assessments that measure school performance and those that drive student learning. More leaders will rethink the value of the traditional summative test and explore innovative methods that reduce testing time and foster opportunity and growth.

These approaches—ranging from through-year models to performance-based assessment and beyond—will meet students where they are, while also providing educators with the information they need to engage students in grade-level content and hold them to high standards.

This trend toward innovation and high-quality assessment is critical to creating equity in opportunity and outcomes for all students—so every young person leaves school ready to succeed. This is critical to the creation of accountability systems that reduce bias against educators and schools that serve students in diverse, high-poverty communities. This trend aligns with recent research analyzing the relationship between poverty and school performance. The research found that many schools with low achievement were at the same time producing average or better growth.

Achievement is important and should not be put aside. However, the job of a school is to educate all students who enroll regardless of their achievement level. This research confirms that many schools are serving their students well, and that well-designed growth metrics provide a more accurate reflection of school performance and need to be considered more heavily when evaluating school effectiveness.

Of those, 77 percent are native Spanish speakers. In views on language will continue to shift and we will see a rise in dual-immersion and biliteracy programs; along with this we will see an increase in the availability of assessments in languages other than English, which will provide educators with the equitable tools they need to understand, support, and engage more of their students.

This more reliable assessment data will help educators get a deeper and more accurate picture of how much ELL students know and are ready to learn next, as well as help support equity in assessment. Deeper understanding of student test disengagement and its impact on achievement. Recently, the growth of computer-based testing has enabled us to assess test engagement item-by-item by identifying rapid guessing behavior.

This indicator of disengagement has enabled a deeper understanding of student test engagement and its potential impact on the achievement scores we report.

In the coming year, more focus will be placed on test-taking behavior in an effort to find ways to increase student engagement and motivation during assessments. Along with this, we will see new innovations in test platforms and test score evaluations that account for student engagement and help educators better understand the needs of each student. In the coming year, we will see more research into how new technologies, such as augmented reality, speech recognition, automatic scoring, and artificial intelligence, can create opportunities for more precise measurement, deeper insights, and more personalized learning.

Additionally, we will start to experience migration towards individualization of assessment, where students are assessed on particular skill sets, rather than at the average level of the class.

Skip to content. Differences in how academic growth is weighted and how it is measured. Growing focus on the role of equity in the assessment of English learners. Innovative technologies that will individualize student assessment. How districts can use data now to plan for the fall.WCAX - High school football was always going to look different in the age of the coronavirus. On top of the safety protocols, many players are finding themselves thrust into entirely new roles on the team.

Few teams are looking at as big an adjustment to the 7-on-7 format as BFA-St. The Bobwhites have traditionally built their teams on physicality and the ground game And then the second half of practice we prepare for the current situation which is the 7-on-7 league. The Yellow Jackets and Bullets are the two closest high school football teams geographically, but BFA plays them very rarely due to the gap in divisions.

But above all, the Bobwhites are happy just to have the opportunity to get together again and compete in what has been a rough year for everyone.

BFA begins its season on Friday the 25th when they host Mt. Friday Football Frenzy. Contact Us. Meet the Team.

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Indoor track and wrestling may not be offered this winter season. Updated: Oct. The decision impacts sports such as men's and women's hockey, basketball and skiing. CVU, Stowe win boys golf state crowns. Corliss Wins 58th Vermont Milk Bowl.

Wildcats claim first state championship awarded in Vermont since March. Scores and Highlights for Saturday, October 3rd. Chiefs vs. By Joseph Hennessy and Marleah Campbell.Friday Football Frenzy. Contact Us. Meet the Team. Order Channel 3 News Stories. Stream News Live and On Demand. RSS Feed. National Politics. Submit Photos and Videos. Across the Fence. Dismiss Weather Alerts Alerts Bar.

Abraham girls soccer, and Essex field hockey. By Mike McCune. Published: Sep. Share on Facebook. Email this link. Share on Twitter.

Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. Middlebury Latest News. Guidelines for H. Updated: 21 hours ago. Indoor track and wrestling may not be offered this winter season. Updated: Oct. The decision impacts sports such as men's and women's hockey, basketball and skiing.Version 3. I was sitting here for an hour and twenty minutes, wasting precious time. Next thing I know, I lose against Plantera in Terraria with endgame loot and one of my legos fell of its shelf and I found out the book printer of my Harry Potter books cut, like, half the the page out.

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5 assessment trends to track this year

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Colts: Preview, odds, prediction for Week 17Orchard Park, N. Tyrod Taylor, Jabaal Sheard While the Colts' front seven is a decent unit, their secondary is among the worst in the NFL. How to follow the gameThe game will be broadcast on CBS beginning at 1 p. If you're not sure if a course is right for you, you can start a free preview and watch a handful of lectures the instructor has selected.

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2020 09 bfa nwea scores

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2020 09 bfa nwea scores

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