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How do you set up new key user in audi connect sunshinewelly Jul 30, Bought a used Audi and have got a pin etc for it. My plastic tag did not have a scratch panel. Just 2sets of numbers. One to the right of tag and one to left.

The left hand set has a 11 digit code not 10 I have looked online and there seems to be a key user menu on audi connect tab in the car but I don't have that option I tried factory reseting audi connect but still no key user set up It's driving me barmy.

You're not alone. It's almost as if Audi set out to make it as difficult as possible. Can't remember how I did mine useful I knowbut was a combination of phone app, online audi login, and car login, just trying and testing different methods until one just worked. Alternatively, give Audi customer services a call or their online chat can sometimes be helpful. What benefit does it bring by linking your car as I don't have the sos module.

audi connect key setup

X3manJul 30, But you don't need the key number to do that. Just setup a login to my audi website and it will generate a pin number, either use that or your login credentials within the connection manager.

Mine works fine and for sending destinations I have never used the key number, without the sos it is not needed X3manJul 31, You will be automatically redirected. Please try again there. X3man likes this. Last edited: Jul 31, Ok so I have found this: To get going, follow these simple steps: Step 1 Register on myAudi by clicking on this link: login.

Explains why I can't find option 5 on my car. Me neither which is why I have been trying to clarify that audi connect with sos are different from those withoutIn this guide, you will find instructions on how to pair any phone including iPhone and Android devices with Audi vehicles. In this guide, you will find instructions to pair your phone with your Audi if your car is equipped with Multi-Media Interface also known as MMI.

Once your phone is paired, you will be able to make hands-free calls and play music from your phone to the car speakers. If you are having problems connecting your phone with your Audi, visit www. I have a Audi A4 estate I can connect to blue tooth and recieve and make calls But I can't play music via my iPhone 11 Help please.

I have a4. Phone is connected and can dial and receive calls but can not play music from my phone thru Bluetooth. I have an Audi A3 The bluetooth used to work but recently I can't find the device when I scan with my phone.

I tried different phones but still can't. I am wondering if there is an on and off for the bluetooth in the car, and if so how to turn it on. Unforunately, this is a common problem in A3. Probably because it was one of the first Audi cars to have a Bluetooth and they just didn't make it that well. I have just purchased a second third hand Audi A3 Sportback, I love it but I cannot seem to pair my phone with the Bluetooth.

When I asked the previous owner a friend how she did it she said she'd never done it, she wasn't interested in pairing her phone so she'd not used the feature and couldn't help me. As I have just purchased the car I know nothing about where to go from here, I've tried searching online but I'm just more confused than ever. Can anyone advise I too can use my phone via Bluetooth but music apps don't stream audio to the car speakers.

Any idea why? Audi A4When i tries to connect my iPhone via bluetooth.

How do you set up new key user in audi connect

When i select " Tell " the message says " Telephone is not available" And when i go to the setting Telephone setting is in hidden option, not able to select. I have a A6. My iPhone is paired correctly. I'm able to stream music from the phone to car. But, the audio on my cell to car is not working. The car is selected, but no audio when I answer the phone.

audi connect key setup

Read More. Search Content Search Content. Procedure In this guide, you will find instructions to pair your phone with your Audi if your car is equipped with Multi-Media Interface also known as MMI.

Park your Audi and set the parking brakes. Turn on ignition but do not start the engine.Intelligent connectivity and communication solutions are keys to the future of the automobile. With its LTE module, Audi is connecting its models to the World Wide Web and is integrating smartphones into the vehicle infotainment system in a variety of ways. In the line-up for some models are also Car-to-X services, which make use of the swarm intelligence of the Audi fleet.

The driver can also have most information read aloud, such as personalized messages, e-mails, text messages and information from social network portals such as Twitter. The first cluster comprises emergency call, online roadside assistance and Audi service request.

In the event of a serious accident, such as one that has activated the airbag, the car independently initiates an emergency call. It establishes a voice and data connection with the Emergency Call Center and supplies important data such as GPS coordinates, direction of travel and number of occupants. A specially trained service employee will ask for additional details regarding the severity of the accident so that optimal assistance measures can be initiated without delay.

If the accident victims are not responsive, an ambulance will be dispatched to the scene of the accident. The driver or front passenger can also activate the emergency call manually using a switch in the roof module. The driver or front passenger can also trigger online roadside assistance manually by pushing a button in the roof module. This connects them to the Audi Service Center, and the location and relevant car status data are transmitted.

The service partner can then contact the customer to schedule an appointment. The second part of the packages comprises the remote services, which can be controlled via an app. Examples are locking and unlocking the car, checking where the car is parked and calling up the vehicle status.

The app can also be used to conveniently program the optional auxiliary heating function.

audi connect key setup

With Audi e-tron models, owners can call up the charge status and electric range in the myAudi app. They can also activate the charging process and climate control remotely — including at specific times with user-configured timers. Charge and trip statistics round out the offer. It is used to unlock and lock the car, and authorizes engine start-up.

Communication between the vehicle and the smartphone is by near field communication NFC. This technology refers to a standard in which data is transmitted over short distances by radio signal. To start the engine, the phone is placed in the Audi phone box, which is also equipped with an NFC antenna. The highly sensitive data of the digital key in the smartphone must be protected against read-out, duplication and manipulation. To do this, the Audi connect key is saved in a secure memory and execution environment within the smartphone, either on the SIM card or directly in the device.

In the future, customers will be able to share up to 15 keys over-the-air, e. This solution makes the one-to-one relationship between a vehicle key and a vehicle obsolete, because one smartphone can store keys for multiple vehicles. For situations in which the driver needs to share the Audi connect key for a short period of time, but the driver does not want to hand over the smartphone, an Audi connect key card in credit card format is available in the car.

The driver can activate it and give it to valet parking personnel, for instance, or passed on in the case of a breakdown.

The Audi connect SIM is a permanently installed SIM card which customers in Europe can receive, depending on the model and country, in conjunction with the optional Audi connect package. It includes unlimited data for the use of connect services.

The Audi connect SIM can also automatically access the provider for a specific country in most European countries, as necessary. This eliminates high, country-specific roaming charges and inconvenient roaming confirmations for the customer. The customer can also purchase additional data packages for the WiFi hotspot via a special web portal, independently of the integrated Audi connect services.

This allows the passengers to surf the internet with up to eight mobile devices. They include transferring a smartphone calendar to the screen in the car. The driver can import an appointment location from the smartphone for use as a navigation destination and can transfer the phone number of a contact person as a contact entry.

The system reads out the place, time and purpose of an appointment. Moreover, users can use the app to receive over 3, internet radio stations and store their favorites on their smartphones.BahnStormer77 Mar 25, Log in or Sign up.

How do you set up new key user in audi connect

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. I'm trying to get my MyAudi account linked to my car's Audi Connect system so I can send postcodes to the car and manually adjust the internet radio settings, etcbut I can't figure out where to get to the screen were I can enter the pin number as per the MyAudi site:.

BahnStormer77Mar 25, According to the manual Because I can't login and link it to my account, I can't send navigation destinations to the car from my PC.

BahnStormer77Mar 26, Curious if you ever figured this out. I'm having the same problem. I have a '14 S6. I can go to Audiconnect and the only option is "Connect". I click that and it just says connection failed. No place to enter a PIN ZooksS6Jul 25, Any updates?

I'm stuck on this also. When you open connect on the MMI the first option listed should be login. If it isn't there, go to the last option which should be logout and press it. Go back to top of list then select login. DaveWMar 29, All done, thank Dave.


For anyone else that still having issues: Once you register in myaudi. Last edited: Mar 29, Alexander Sweetwood and DaveW like this. Enter it and your car will now be connected to your phone MMI app. MakosoFeb 14, We recommend our Audi Financial Services customers login to service their account online due to high call volume. Personalize each ride with the help of the myAudi app and access a growing suite of smart services to amplify your driving experience.

Message and data rates apply. Schedule your next service appointment online, learn more about Audi's service plans, maintenance schedules and much more. Get access to your vehicle's specific owner's manual.

Safety is a top priority for us. Find out if there is important information on your Audi that you should know. As a myAudi subscriber, you not only get vehicle-specific video tutorials, the ability to schedule service online and more, you also gain access to an exclusive program—Audi Preferred Benefits. This program offers limited-edition products, unique services, and memory-making experiences from brands worthy of the four rings. Register today to start taking advantage of this thrilling program.

We meticulously work with a number of different brands to create products with a unique Audi twist. Each featuring the same exceptional attention to detail as Audi. We understand extra time is a rarity, which is why we work with several brands that offer distinctive services, providing you with added convenience to help enhance your life. Our experiences are what set us apart. The things we do, love and enjoy. The Audi luxury and design you love can also be found in our Audi apparel, bags and personal accessories.

Whether you're planning a getaway, or you're just looking for a stylish accent, nothing fits your Audi better than Audi Genuine Accessories. Online service scheduling makes doing business with us easier than ever. Our service and repairs maintain the integrity of your vehicle—factory-trained technicians use Audi Genuine Parts and know the latest procedures. No one knows your Audi better. Core Audi models:. New inventory Pre-owned. Welcome to.Your guide, your contacts and calendar.

View key info. Designed for emergency situations, the CARE 2 package is your link to roadside assistance 5 and several other helpful features. Similar services by other manufacturers often require a paid subscription, while the features and services in CARE are available from the day you purchase or lease your new Audi at no additional cost. Through the myAudi app 12 on your compatible smartphone, you can lock or unlock your vehicle from a remote location Simply open the Car finder 13 feature in the myAudi app 12 to see where your vehicle was last parked.

Peace of mind comes with an SOS feature to help you make emergency calls 5. CARE can also help law enforcement authorities in locating your stolen vehicle After entering a route, the in-vehicle trip planner can show Audi e-tron owners where charging stations are located along the route and the estimated charging time required to reach the final destination. Audi e-tron owners can pre-program their vehicles to activate the climate control system from a remote location.

They can cool the interior or warm it up before entering the vehicle. Through the myAudi app 12Audi e-tron owners can remotely check the battery and estimated range status, start the charging process, program the charge timer, and view the charge and consumption statistics. After the free trial period expires 17you can choose to subscribe to a package or packages that suit you.

Drop a pin, zoom in or out, change the viewing angle. We refined our voice recognition system to allow you to interact with your Audi the same way you would speak in conversation. Control your Alexa-enabled devices, play your favorite songs and much more just by using your voice.

Before you download the myAudi app 12make sure you are set up as the Key User, which your dealership can assist you with. Take a look at the features below to see how each package is designed to enhance your Audi ownership experience.

Please check your model below. Please ask your dealer. Key User services give the ability for vehicle owners to view status updates on their vehicle, set alerts for speed limits and geo-fencing violations, as well as locking and unlocking the vehicle through their smartphone. For security purposes, additional registration steps are required.

The first step is to create a myAudi account through the www.Google Maps offers the option of viewing detailed information about businesses and key landmarks, allowing you to explore your destination before the journey begins. By breaking down locations by category, Google's Point of Interest Search helps you more quickly find a destination, either in your current vicinity or an area of your choosing. Google Voice Local Search saves you time and effort by letting you search for destinations through voice command.

Audi provides a complementary SiriusXM subscription for three months. To continue service beyond that point, call Satellite radio is transmitted via line-of-sight. Therefore, when the line-of-sight is broken by obstacles such as trees, overpasses, or tunnels the connection may be lost temporarily. To use the full functionality of Audi connect, your vehicle must first be paired with a myAudi account. This allows you to send and manage destinations using Google Maps, as well as download them from your vehicle.

This waiting screen will appear during network updates from Google which typically occur twice a weekwhen the language has been changed, or when the system has been reset to factory settings.

Error screens stating the above problems are the result of a lost data connection, which is usually caused by poor reception, lack of service, or damaged hardware i. SIM card, vehicle antenna. Here, you will be able to see the SIM, VIN, and invoice history associated with your account, as well as extend your subscription and view your network coverage. You will receive an e-mail prior to the date when your subscription is scheduled to expire. Please refer to the owner's manual for all information and warnings.

By using the site, you acknowledge that you are aware of the warnings and information that must be read within the owner's manual and will use this information to augment that material. New inventory Pre-owned. Audi Connect. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Setting up Audi connect

Setting up Audi connect. Sign in to myAudi Manage your data plan. Refine Refine Filter Model year. Apply Cancel. Configuration tutorials. Learn how to activate your Wi-Fi hotspot. Adding more detail to Google Maps Google Maps offers the option of viewing detailed information about businesses and key landmarks, allowing you to explore your destination before the journey begins.

Learn how to add detail to Google Maps. Using Google's Point of Interest Search By breaking down locations by category, Google's Point of Interest Search helps you more quickly find a destination, either in your current vicinity or an area of your choosing.

Learn how to search for points of interest through Google. Learn how to access your account through the Audi MMI system.