The normality of the world we knew before CoronaVirus hit our Marae, our Hapuu and our Iwi has weighed heavy on our ability to connect as Maaori. Tomorrow Sunday 11th October, Register NOW! Whakapiri mai, whakatata mai.

He kuaha whaanui kua puare ki te puna taangata me te puna kai. Ko ngaa kupu a Kiingi Koroki " Ka ora i aa koe aa poaka, te putanga mai o Waahi". E kore rawa te aroha e aawhea mai nei, moo koutou e ngaa Rangatahi, Pakeke, Ruuruhi, Koroheke otira ngaa Rangatira naau anoo teenei orangatonutanga, Koia hoki ngaa kaitiaki o teenei taaonga o taatou te Poukai aa matua nei te Kiingitanga. E aroha kau ana!

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E whakamaanawa i ngaa mate taarurunui huri noa, e whakamaauru i te hunga e noho pani ana, e whakarangatira ai i te hunga rawakore. If I tagged you I am asking for your support to spread the word or to encourage someone from your whanau to come and learn. The purpose of coming together as Marae in our area and a community has been evident in these last past weeks. Although we are just down the road from each other, how wonderful is it to know we come together to uphold the relationships that they formed back in the old days.

And with passion and love to the kaupapa we continue to filter those relationships down to the generations to come. Come on down and tautoko the kaupapa. Come together to have fun and laugh and get to know the people in your community. Most importantly to enjoy one and others company,share some intense love.

As Waahi is undergoing maintenance. Ngaati Whaawhakia e mihi ana. Te Marae asked for the poukai to commemorate King Koroki, in those times Mara also believed all the Marae will grow closer together to uphold our kaupapa.

Those days the relationship was strong and ever lasting, Generations later, we strive to continue to keep our Marae together for the generation coming. Tena koutou everyone. Been a slight change to the plan sent out earlier.A prominent Maori historian and cultural consultant has warned Tikorangi Pa should not be included on the New Plymouth District Council's schedule of waahi tapu sites. Buddy Mikaere told a council hearings commission yesterday that granting waahi tapu sacred place status on the basis of the evidence presented by Otaraua hapu would set a dangerous precedent for the future.

Greymouth Petroleum-owned company Petrochem is trying to stop the site being registered as waahi tapu to protect its operations at the nearby Kowhai A well-site. The company has invested tens of millions of dollars at the site and less than a week ago announced the discovery of significant reserves of gas and condensate there. Otaraua Hapu asked the council to add the site to its schedule after an occupation earlier this year protesting the company's plans to run a pipeline under it.

Te Atairangikaahu

The hapu says the site is waahi tapu because of its important military position as part of a strategic network of pa along the Waitara River, and because of the water springs which flow from the hill. Mr Mikaere is a former Waitangi Tribunal director and most recently became well-known as the recipient and public distributor of Maori Party MP Hone Harawira's explosive "white motherf He told the commission he had seen no evidence relating to either the pa's military prominence or the hapu's reverence for the spring water as justifying waahi tapu status in the "traditional" sense accepted by the Environment Court.

He said the site should be registered as an archaeological site. But Otaraua hapu chairman David Doorbar and hapu member James O'Carroll slammed Mr Mikaere for coming in from outside the region and not taking the time to talk to the hapu as part of his research. All Mr Mikaere's evidence came from newspaper reports and history books written by the enemies of Otaraua hapu, Mr O'Carroll said. Summing up its case, Petrochem's lawyer Mark O'Brien submitted that the council proposal failed to meet the basic requirements of the Resource Management Act because of the undefined extent of the site and the lack of evidence supporting giving it waahi tapu status.

His submission also pointed out the council recommendation did not take into account "the potentially significant litigation costs to council if it proceeds without adequate basis". For Otaraua hapu, Donna Eriwata said the hapu couldn't afford lawyers, researchers and flash reports but the site fit the provisions and rules about waahi tapu sites in the District Plan.

She urged the commission to grant Tikorangi Pa waahi tapu status. The commission reserved its decision. Any decision it makes can be appealed in the Environment Court. Mikaere: Waahi tapu claims flimsy.Her title Te Arikinui meaning Paramount Chief and name Te Atairangikaahu meaning the hawk of the morning sky were bestowed when she became monarch; previously she was known as Princess Piki Mahuta and, after marriage, Princess Piki Paki.

She was awarded an honorary doctorate from Waikato University inand an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Victoria University in In she was appointed an Officer of the Order of St John.

In Decembershe started dialysis treatment when her kidneys began to fail. She is buried on Taupiri mountain in an unmarked grave, as are her ancestors, as a sign of equality with their people. Her widower, Whatumoana Paki, had wanted a tombstone for his wife, but members of the royal family do not have grave markings. In addition to this Te Atairangikaahu was an avid supporter of Maori cultural and sporting events and played an active role in local and global political events involving indigenous issues.

Her official residence was Turongo House in the Turangawaewae Marae complex coupled with Mahinarangi official reception room for receiving dignitaries and Raukawa iti official guest house. She and her husband also resided at Waahi Pa in Huntly during her reign.

He continued to live at their residence with his son until his death in Tuheitia Pakiher eldest son, was chosen during the mourning period as her successor with the help of a "kingmaker", after the consent of the chiefs of all the leading tribes was sought.

waahi pa

Her eldest child, daughter Heeni Katipa, was the next leading contender for the position. In contrast to the Monarchy of New Zealandthe Maori monarchy is both elective and operates outside New Zealand's constitutional structures.

Consequently, the position is not automatically inherited by primogeniture as the New Zealand throne is. By overlapping magisteria Te Atairangikaahu herself was her father's second daughter, though the eldest was not born to his wife, [17] so any of her children or a leading figure from another iwi could have been appointed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mount TaupiriNew Zealand. Irish Examiner. Retrieved 16 August The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 16 October The London Gazette 3rd supplement.

The London Gazette.Ecological restoration of two sites on and adjacent to the traditional Pa boundaries in. Te mahi a nga pokurukuru whero he man ite ha ote hau pai oxygena ina pa atu ki nga waahi momona o nga kai e kainga ana ka puta mai kote mahana mete kaha kite mahi Pera ano hoki nga tima me nga tereina, na te pukaka o nga mihini i rere ai. Tawhiao was born at Kawhia and went to Waahi pa about 53 years ago.

Whakatakotoria ki te waahi teitei, ma tenei pea ka ahei te waahanga broiler. Shop for groceries online and checkout great free recipes at countdown. We have 52 records for Norman Burger ranging in age from 24 years old to years old. Location and proximity to several local marae, Rangimarie, our school based marae, affiliated to Waahi Pa, ko Waikato te Awa Waikato riverKo Taupiri te maunga Taupiri mountain are all local aspects reflected in our college waiata and our puhoro.

The land was taken under the Public Works Act to provide a transport corridor for the construction of the Genesis Power Station. Ko to maatau mahi roa mo te waahi o te ao me nga kamupene whakaatu, ka taea te whakarite i nga taonga i te wa poto. The Cambridge area was known as Karapiro.

Taniwharau Rugby League Club

Despite status and the opportunity for investigation into reasoning of notable Maori officials for objecting volunteering in the case of Tonga Mahuta, arrests were made regardless. Company Appointments. Infrastructure: i. If you are clear, and understand these conditions about our making the road, reply to me Mercer by letter; and if you are not satisfied about us making the road, enough.

Ko nga turorotanga me tenei ahuatanga ka pa ki te mamae o te kaki me te mate pukupuku e arahi ana ia ratou ki te rapu i te atawhai ngaio - i te wa o te taakuta o te kaitohutohu a te kaitohutohu hauora ranei-engari.

Monthly Parking FAQs. He aha Te mea ki LIberation? Ali Mokdad, the physician behind the influential coronavirus pandemic model at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, told Fox News Friday that "the worst. The claimant for a Waikaremoana-based iwi is hailing the removal of Te Urewera from the bargaining table in Tuhoe's settlement talks.

As a consequence marae are few and far between in the isolated villages scattered over the countryside. The real-time chroma keyer for all live virtual productions. Te Waimana is the name of a sacred spring, where the senior chiefs and warlords would gather to discuss offensive and defensive tactics to protect.

waahi pa

He uaua ano hoki nga oumu he uaua ake, he whakahaere-a-rorohiko e tuku ana i nga momo momo whakahaere me nga waahanga motuhake tae atu ki te whakamahinga o te tirotiro mahana kia. In the early part of the 19 th century European visitors and traders travelled along the river; the CMS. Kotahi anake te pa e kitea ana i te moutere: ko Lanai City te tino waahanga iti me te hotera.

If the information on this translated website is unclear, please contact us at Then we will drive to Puniho pa for our virtual field trip. Whakauru mai ki a maatau i to maatau waahanga e whai ake nei mo te whai waahi ki te ako atu mo te Colorado Access me te whakatutuki i etahi oa matou kaimahi. He maha nga tau o to maapiri mahi. Over the years this complex sustained a lot of water damage. Kia ora, Tena koutou mai i runga i toku papaanga, Kaihuri Waahi Tohu — Ko te ara ngawari ki te Whakatika Ko te kore ki te tuku ratonga koreutu.

First, Te Weraiti is marked by a rocky outcrop and holds koiwi, notably the bones of Tuakere the brother of Putangi and uncle of Tangata. William has 1 job listed on their profile. This is the Judea Postcode page list.Huntly is within the Waikato District which is in the northern part of the Waikato region local government area.

waahi pa

The Huntly name was adopted in the s when the postmaster named it after Huntly, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. He used an old 'Huntley Lodge' stamp to stamp mail from the early European settlement.

The Lodge was later dropped and the spelling changed to also drop the additional 'e'. The railway from Auckland reached Huntly inwhen the Huntly railway station was opened. Ngati Mahuta and Ngati Whawhakia are the subtribes in the Huntly area. The school was first established as a native school in Huntly had a population of 7, in6, at the New Zealand censusan increase of 1, people There were 2, households. There were 3, males and 4, females, giving a sex ratio of 0.

Prior to that, Huntly's population was[8][9][10] 1,[11] 1,[12] 1,[13] 1,1,2,4,5,[14] 6,7, 7, 7,7,6, Huntly includes two census areasEast [6] and West. Except for population, the and figures below are for the larger areas. Although some people objected to giving their religion, Of those at least 15 years old, 8.

The employment status of those at least 15 was that 2, The statistical area of Huntly Rural, which includes OhinewaiRuawaro and Glen Aftonhad a population of 2, at the New Zealand censusan increase of people 8.

There were households. There were 1, males and 1, females, giving a sex ratio of 1. The median age was Ethnicities were Of those at least 15 years old, 9. The employment status of those at least 15 was that It is New Zealand's largest thermal power station, situated in the area which is New Zealand's largest producer of coalproducing over 10, tonnes a day.

Huntly is also surrounded by farmland and lakes many of them former open-pit mines which are used for coarse fishing, yachting and waterskiing. The Waikato coalfield is formed of 30 m year old Eocene - Oligocene rocks. The lowest coal measures are the Taupiri Seams, worked at Rotowarothe upper Kupakupa and Renown Seams having been largely worked out. The area has a very long history of coal mining, with both open cast and classical mines operating or having operated here.

Taupiri Coal Co was producing 1, tons a month by[31] up from 5, tons a year in On 12 September at the Ralph Mine in Huntly, a naked light caused an explosion that killed 43 coal miners. Open cast mining began west of Huntly during World War 2, and later an opencast mine at Kimihia. This is the only remaining mine operating in Huntly off Riverview Rd[36] producing 24, tonnes in He was born at a pa near Urenui in Taranaki.

Both of his parents died before he reached adulthood, leaving him in the guardianship of his aunt. He remained in the United States until and travelled extensively. His frequent lectures on health matters gave him considerable skill in oratory. He was aligned with the new Reform Party that had won the largest number of seats. In the crown had set asideacres for Taranaki Maori "absolutely and for all time", by only 18, acres remained and it was being leased to settlers on the behalf of Maori, although in an act of defiance of land confiscation, local Maori never claimed the rent.

When the old-time Maoris wished to demonstrate their most extreme measure of contempt for any person they danced a haka standing naked and waist-high in a river and at appropriate times in the dance turned their posteriors towards the unwelcome visitor. There were no greater depths of ignominy in the Maori repertoire of insults - it was the absolute in loathing and contumely.

Such was the spectacle confronting the Member for Western Maori He opposed, however, the idea of self-governance for the islands, saying that they were not yet ready for it. On a number of occasions he overrode laws passed by the islands' own council, causing a certain amount of complaint. On the whole, however, he was well regarded in the Cook Islands, being presented with a silver cup at the end of his service. Nevertheless, he managed to make gains in some areas, particularly maternity care and equipment sterilisation.

Tuku Morgan fronts up at Waahi Paa

He died in Los Angeles on 27 June The day recognises his work in health reforms, politics and especially his investigation of Maori land confiscations.

In celebrating years of The New Zealand Heraldthe newspaper named him New Zealander of the year forfor his work on Maori land grievances. The Herald gave him the same award again forfor his work as Health Minister that led to fewer deaths of women at childbirth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Maui Pomare. New Zealand politician, doctor and health reformer.

The Honourable. Ask That Mountain.Jump to navigation. The marae established the distribution hub at the beginning of the New Zealand lockdown and they have delivered over parcels to the vulnerable and to those in need.

Therefore Matatahi and his team decided to use the principles of the Poukai and incorporate them into the work they are doing to care for their community. A wide door has opened to a pond of people and a pond of food", that is what King Tawhiao said when he established the Poukai and that is one of the main reasons we established this initiative," says Matatahi.

Matatahi adds, "It's our love and appreciation we have for our elders that sit at the top of our thoughts while doing this work. Since the beginning of the lockdown these rangatahi have not only been delivering essential products, but they have also delivered joy and laughter to peoples homes.

They also go and entertain families in their homes. I've seen them on social media lifting the spirits of those living here in our community of Huntly," says Mahuta.

Add to Log in to add this video to a playlist. One was to find a way for the younger generation of the marae to care for their elders. Related stories. Most popular stories.